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Mar. 12th, 2006

In Toronto

recalling new york

this is my favorite picture of glenn and me. we have really few nice pictures together but here's one. care of arpee =D

Mar. 11th, 2006

In Toronto

(no subject)

My Personal Dna Report

glenn, you try =) i wasnt surprised that my masculinity is more than my femininity...

Mar. 5th, 2006

In Toronto

Proclamation 1017 and the Philippine Constitution

I've written an article on the constitutionality of the recent declaration of State of Emergency, Proclamation 1017. You may read this at http://nautus.blogspot.com .
In Toronto

Billiard Table frustration

Describe frustrating? It's what you have all the energy in the world to finish building the billiard table but suddenly you run out of cement spray to glue the billiard table cloth top. You go drive to Canadian Tire or Rona's to find out that they're already closed.

Mar. 3rd, 2006

In Toronto

CPS, Gambas, Video

I had my CPS exam this afternoon. After, I attended first friday mass in St. Michael's Cathedral.

For dinner, I cooked gambas for the first time. It was really delicious to my surprise... even my sibling couldn't stop eating. One more star on my belt! I'm slowly becoming the chef I've been meant to be. Perhaps I should put up a restaurant? ;)

After dinner, we watched the movie Elizabeth. I've been borrowing DVDs from the Ryerson Library. Aside from Elizabeth, I borrowed Scent of a Woman which we will watch tomorrow. Yesterday I borrowed Apocalypse Now and the 1st Volume of Canada at War, a documentary about Canada's participation in WWII. Lately, I've been very much into World War II. Two weeks ago, we watched Downfall on Rogers on Demand. It was about the last few hours of Hitler. Really good movie. I've also been watching documentaries on WWII in the Military Channel. Yesterday, the documentary was on the failed German invasion of Russia.

Well that's it for now... that's what I've been doing to keep busy while May is quite busy with her requirements for school with her thesis and different projects. Oh, I've also been reading a thick Harvard Entrepreneurship textbook used in Ryerson Entrepreneurship classes so I bought the book from the bookstore. Other books are Benjamin Graham's Value Investing, Devil Take the Hindmost, and the Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank.

Mar. 2nd, 2006

In Toronto

(no subject)

( ) worried about getting bullied by fratmen or getting killed in a riot
( ) got bullied by fratmen or was killed in a riot
( ) witnessed a riot
(X) watched the oblation run
(X) made friends with a teacher
a lot more...Collapse )

Mar. 1st, 2006


2005 memories

this time last year, glenn and i (together with arpee) were on our New York - Boston getaway. it all seems familiar, what's happening to the lower years but what's different is that during that time we were away -- mock thesis presentation, audio engg speaker design exam, squeeeze. we were all 'excused' from these requirements and having a great experience in the US -- running to reach plane, making calls to get a flight/ transfer flights, experiencing New York at night, going to Boston by bus, getting to see Harvard, experiencing HBS, attending the entrpreneurship conference, meeting many different businessmen, going back to New York (4 hours became 8 hours because of an accident), going around New York by subway, watching Phantom of the Opera, going to the Met, taking pictures of Times Square, shopping in ChinaTown, going back to the real world.

it was a very fast trip but we were able to get the most of places we visited. we woke up really early in the morning and retired very late. it was so tiring but it was such a memorable and enriching experience. who would have thought we would miss our flight because we were too busy enjoying our free McDo coupons? hahaha.

i was so glad glenn was with me during that time. only glenn can take my moodiness and irritability hehe. glenn, im sorry for the times that i had headaches, just had to eat at that moment in time, became sick, wanted to eat something else.. all this instead of just shutting up and enjoying the experience. thanks for being there. i love you =D

Feb. 28th, 2006

In Toronto

Calculus Exam, Coffee, Jump Rope

I went to school an hour late. After submitting my computer science assignment first thing in the morning, I decided to get my Calculus exam paper back from my Professor's office. When I arrived there, I asked for my exam from him. He then said, "Oh wait! Can I photocopy your exam first?" I was flattered. In that exam I got 55/50. There was 6 points bonus. I only had a single mistake. It was the first time in university (didn't experience in UP) that a professor asked to photocopy my exam. That made up my day.

For lunch, I decided to use my KFC discount coupon: 3 Chicken, 1 side salad, and 1 small fries only for $5. Thus, I went to Eaton Centre which is just a 3 minute walk from Ryerson. After KFC, I walked around the shops. I passed by Black's Photography and discovered that there are already such a thing as digital frames! The popular branded one (forgot what) cost $300 while the non-popular brang cost $200... what a price! IT would have been nice sana. They were classy looking frames. They look ordinary enough but instead of you slipping in pictures, they have screens which display your digital pictures. You can set it to slideshow so it changes every so often. Napaka-simple na gawin ngayon ng mga ganung gadgets but to think just 5 years before (before the time of flatscreen monitors), it was still considered as part of the future.

I then went to Sears which was on sale just to kill time before my next class. I ended up buying a jump rope for exercising... the cheapest I can find. Buti it was on sale pa... $6. When I got home, sobrang ginagamit ni Giovanni and Gene.

I still smell like hamburgers... the closest thing to real food that I've cooked lately. That's becuase usually when I'm in-charge of cooking, I just get something from frozen and leave it to cook in the oven. Today, I decided to use the frying pan... thus I got the hambrugers (still from frozen) and fried the burgers for almost 2 hours! Minsan lang yan pag-ginaganahan. Oh two weeks ago nga pala I cooked Menudo.

I bought my usual coffee this afternoon... Tim Horton's English Toffee. Heaven! I didn't think that I'd find a good and affordable replacement for Starbuck's White Chocolate Mocha since Starbucks is a wee bit expensive here... just as everything else is.

I'm starting to sound like the Mastercard commercial...
Chicken Meal... $5
Jump Rope... $6
Coffee... $2
For the Jumo Rope... I used VISA! :)
In Toronto

wifi in the house!

today, we finally got wifi. what a great improvement! imagine, i paid the technicians 600 pesos to do trial and error.. well, i didnt have time din naman to do it so it was money well spent. basically, the setting was just yung DHCP then paulit ulit lang press yung IP renew until may na-assign na na IP address for you. ngayon, i don't wanna turn off the router anymore hahaha. kasi baka mahirapan magrenew ng IP address next time. it took me countless times to renew it when i tried it myself. depende din kasi sa oras.. i really wonder what will happen if i turn off the router, hindi na kaya gagana? i dont wanna 'try' kasi eh. pero it seems logical to me kasi automatically assigned lang yung IP address once you log in. lalo na in the evening, mahirap magconnect.. im guessing.

Feb. 27th, 2006

In Toronto

PCS midterm, Ohio trip

I perfected my Physics midterm... 12/12. The mean is somewhere in the high 60s. As usual, I hesitated checking the results online due to nervousness. But it seems that everything is going well as of the moment. What I have to watch out for though is the stock market simulation game that is 20% of my grade for my elective. Why did I have to take that elective?? But I enjoy the subject actually, the professor is really good despite his physical condition. That's the only class that I look forward to each week. But sadly, I've been losing money in that stock market game!

Yesterday was Gene's birthday. Tito Jun fixed Gene's shower for us. He, with his wife Tita Seni and eldest son John, joined us for our afternoon celebration of Gene's birthday. The food was delicious: pasta, bread, 2 different cakes, ice cream, chicken wings. It was a simple celebration. Anyway, I was talking to John about my planned trip to Ohio to meet up with May this August and to attend her sister's wedding. Good thing! He said that he had to visit his mom (Tita Seni) who works in Ohio also sometime during the summer and he was looking for someone to go and ride with him in his car. It's an 8 hour trip. So he offered that we go there to Ohio and back at the same time. The Greyhound bus from Toronto to Ohio costs around $130 round trip. This road trip will definitely save me some money. Also, we can stop whenever we want... to take pictures or to take a bathroom break. Great! Less expenses for me.. I can breathe a little easier now.

May's coming here to Toronto this August after Ohio. Yey! She's only supposed to be here for a week but I'm trying to convince her to extend for another week. She''' be here already anyways so might as well make the most out of it. Well it's not really so much her that needs the convincing but her parents.

On an aside, kawawa si John. Yung gf nya dito... yung family pala is TNT. Nahuli ng Canadian immigration officers so they're being deported back to the Philippines where they have no friends and family. The only ones helping them nga is John's family.

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